• Вулкан Россия играть бесплатно - Отзывы от игроков на Вулкан РоссияКак и всемирная планетарная федерация Fumbling, все подлинные лица различных семей банд, пытающихся работать с Орденом Нового Земного шара, выставляются напоказ, выражая неуважение, пугая тех, кого могут, а также пытаясь сыграть свою роль на земле, чтобы перейти на новые деньги, в то время как симу, Иманно поддерживая порядок среди измученного […]
  • What Font Is This? - Of the numerous font sites out there, most of us are trying to save a little money. Here are some helpful links to identify fonts and find FREE ones too.
  • Composition Matters - As a designer, I often see crafters who cut their SVGs and place them on their project without referring to the original photo that is included with the design. Graphic designers are trained in typography and layout. We take the time to ensure that the design is using at least 50% but no more than […]
  • Got Questions? - SVG Frequently Asked Questions Can I use SVGs with my Cricut Expression? The Expression is used with Cricut Craft Room which cannot cut SVGs or custom files unfortunately. There are third party applications that let the Expression cut SVGs. However, if you have upgraded the firmware on your Expression you probably can’t take advantage of […]
  • What Are SVG Files - First of all, thank you for joining me. This is the third and hopefully final time I build a website. Launching my Etsy Store at the end of 2016 inspired me and set me on a journey to create SVGs. The relationships that have transpired has exceeded any expectations. Designing and sharing the SVG files […]
  • Font Pairing by Fun With SVGs - Font Pairing does not have to be complicated. I look around the web and see so much confusion and wordy blog posts concerning font pairing. It is a simple concept and I provide a link to a printable PDF for you below. However, I would not be doing you any justice if I did not explain […]
  • Instructions to UnZip and Upload SVG Files - Instructions to UnZip SVG Files Please read these instructions to unzip svg files. Once you have downloaded a zipped file from Etsy or other on-line source you need to follow these steps to get it into your Cricut Design Space Software. * Silhouette Studio Video is linked below. Cricut Design Space First, Locate your downloaded […]