Profile SVG Vector ImageWhat can I say about Fun With SVGs?

I have been a Graphic Designer Since 1998. For the first few years I worked in a print house and for two different local publications. I landed a steady job in 2005 and worked there until 2014, when this company cut our marketing department, I took my love for design to the public. While remaining steadily under contract for my former employer, I began to create cut files for personal use. After making a purchase of yet another personal cutting machine in 2016, I decided to try my hand on Etsy.

My Facebook Group, Fun With SVGs, has been a lot of FUN, and inspires me to push myself a little harder to stay current and active on Etsy and for the members of my group. I love what I do, and enjoy interacting with all of you. You are my true inspiration! It is because of you that I continue to work long hours well into the morning at times to provide exceptional customer service, freebies with fun and inspiring SVGs

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