rabbit holes

I Fall Down Rabbit Holes

It’s true, when I am trying to figure out how to do the so called “little” things that small businesses have to do, I fall into rabbit holes that seem to go on forever. I know how to market, but I do not know how to do all the things that each step entails.

In my former life, I was part of a large marketing team, now I wear the hats of all that used to be at my fingertips. The team consisted of:
• 3 Web Developers/Designers
• 3 Mail Room and List Associates
• 5 Graphic Designers
• 3 Print and Marketing Management Members who would let us know what and when each piece and project was due.

Here I am years later trying to pull all this information forward in my mind so that I can not only do what I love to do, but make it worth the time, effort and costs that goes into each aspect of the process. Each step I take I still need create products and posts to keep my followers engaged. Here is my journey through what I am calling the “Newsletter Rabbit Hole”.

Day 1 – The mail list –
• Promote to gain the subscribers – and watch as my list grows beyond a free plan
• Research the most cost-effective mail service providers
• Segment the list into groups so I can send the best files for their needs/wants or otherwise eye candy
• Download lists, adjust spreadsheets, upload lists and chat with the experts at the new service provider

Day 2 – I try to figure out how to send my newsletter with links that are only available to the subscribers. After a few hours of research and testing plugins for my website, I find one that will “unlist”my products. After testing and retesting, this seems to be a viable solution, I go to bed.  

Day 3 – Thinking over my morning cup of coffee I realized that the above “solution” it is not the whole solution. What if someone wants to click on more than one link from the email? They would have to jump back and forth between the email and the website causing frustration I am sure. What can I do? I know of Landing Pages, and I think maybe this will work, I download several different plugins, each with their own nuances and issues that I don’t care for. I give up and go shopping with my daughter.

Day 4 – Now after a restful night I think to myself “Try and build an “unlist” page”. Once again, good in theory, yet testing proves that I need a team. Each product link was “unlisted” and as such not recognized as searchable. Simple templates for these “Landing Pages” are useless.

Day 5 – The “AH HA” moment is realized as I sit down and look at my work from the day before. There is a way to use direct links on the “Landing Page”, and UGLY as it is, my subscribers can shop freely without all the back and forth between web and email.

Day 6 – The email is sent, and I wait with anticipation to see what links are clicked so I can serve my customers as best I can.

6 Days of intense work and I have found my way out of the rabbit hole.  

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